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Selected from the last five books and featuring a dynamic collection of new work--poems that play with form and content and present a diverse set of voices (from jazz to jokes, from telegrams to fake news. Ranging widely across the world, this book asks what we can know, and how, and where. 

Praise for Half/Life

"Balancing feeling and thinking, elegy and emergency, these terrific new and selected poems highlight Jeffrey Thomson's immense talent. He cooks every possible style, subject and sound into his work: Orpheus, Dairy Queen, abecedarian couplets, Belfast Notebooks, fake news, pastoral meditations. I have admired Thomson’s remarkable poetry for more than two decades. He writes like the middle brother between Rainer Maria Rilke and Larry Levis. He writes like a disciple of Borges, Bishop and Baldwin. He writes like no one else." 

—Terrance Hayes

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